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Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Night

3 Days 2 Night
AC Car, Boat
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Daily Tour
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All-Time Delicious Menu, AC/Non-AC Tour, AC Deluxe Cottage, Skilled Tour Guide, and Private Car. 12 Consistent Locations, Folk Dance, Car, Boat, and Room Sanitization Want to Find & Track Wild Tigers? Visit a safari that is tiger-friendly.

Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights


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Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights 

The best tour package for Sundarban is the 3 Days/2 Nights Sundarban Tour. You may take advantage of the genuine Sundarban fauna with this package. Package time is important for every travel in order to enjoy the entire trip, whether it is short or extensive in duration. However, 3 Days and 2 Nights are the best amount of time for a Sundarban Trip.

Our 3-day, 2-night Sundarban Tour package departs from Kolkata’s Indian Museum or Science City and arrives at your doorstep or the place that is the closest to your house. Review our whole offering.


8:00 AM – 9:00 AM:- Indian Museum Main Gate Near Park Street Metro is the first pick-up location. Reporting time is at 8 AM, and departure time is at 8.30 AM. Our second pick-up location is at Science City’s P.C. Chandra Garden Gate No. 1; check-in time is 8:30 AM, and AC vehicle departure time is 9.00 AM. The journey to the end of the road at Godhkhali takes three and a half hours.

1:30 PM:- Reaching Hotel, the spot where you may have a quiet and enjoyable weekend, is situated just across from the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, surrounded by a hamlet, trees, and the wind of the river. among the top bundles(Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights)

2 PM:-  Lunch.

4.00 P.M:- Once a brief introduction via boat to the Sundarban Bird Jungle and a wonderful sunset vista that becomes more captivating after the sun actually “sets,” we will return to the hotel at 6 o’clock. [Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights]

7:00 P.M:- After a local traditional dance, free food is served. Coffee or tea.

8 P.M:-Wintertime just for bonfires and music.

10 PM:- Dinner and a hotel overnight stay.

07.00 AM:- We shall begin the Sundarban delta Safari in the morning via boat.

08.30 AM:- At Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve, begin your jungle safari with the assistance of a government tour guide.

09.30 AM:- Beginning with Pirkhali, Banbibi Varani, Sundarkhali, Khonakhali, Choragaji, Deualvarani, SarakKhali 1 or 2, Gazikhali, Nobanki, and Sudhanyakhali, we will go on an exhilarating boat safari across several rivers, islands, and tiny creeks. Monitor Tower For our fair share of observing spotted deer, crocodiles, wild boar, snakes, water monitor lizards, other species of birds, as well as Royal Bengal Tigers, in this Tiger Reserve region ( if you are lucky).

12.30 AM:- Observation Tower & Tiger Reserve Area in Do-Banki From a netted cage, the 896-meter canopy walk at Do Banki allows visitors to see animals.

01.30 PM:- A Boat Tour of the, Panchamukhni 5 River Junction, and the Watch Tower.

05.00 PM:-We will arrive at Pakhiralay following our exciting safari through the Sundarbans National Park.

10.00 PM:- The hotel will offer dinner.

9.00 AM:- After breakfast, we explore the nearby village and go for a couple of hours of wonderful walking before returning to the hotel, where we visit Hamilton Bungalow and Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow before taking a boat to our car and driving back to Kolkata. Lunch will be served along the way. Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights.

4 To 5:00 PM:-  Reach Kolkata

We want to provide you with the greatest service possible, therefore we kindly ask that you cooperate with us during the trip to make it an amazing experience.


  • Getting There From Kolkata utilizing a car-sharing system.
    Accommodation Non-AC hotel
    Mechanized boat with berths and a toilet from Europe.
    every significant meal, including breakfast, lunch, evening tea, snacks, dinner, and bedtime tea.
    Cultural Program in the Evening.
    Entry costs into the jungle and guide expenses.
    Permissions for still cameras and boats.
    Portage fees, etc.
    Fire Camp (Winter Season Only)


  • Any alcoholic or aerated beverages.
    Charges for video cameras.
    any other costs incurred by the visitors.
    The Coolie Charge.


Day 1

Breakfast:-  Sandwich, Sweet, Bisleri, Tea.

Lunch:-  Basmati Rice, Murighanta Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Prawn Items + Bhetki Fish items, Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweet.

Evening:-  Chicken Pakora / Veg Pakora, Salad, Tea/Coffee.

Dinner:-  Fried Rice, Chicken Curry/ Chilli Chicken, Salad.

Day 2

Early Morning:-  Bed Tea/Coffee Biscuits.

Breakfast:-  Nanpuri/Puri, Chana Masala, Sweet, Tea/coffee.

Lunch:-  Basmati Rice, Dal, fry, Vegetable, Fish Curry, Crabs, Chatni, Papad.

Evening:-  French Fries, Tea/ Coffee.


Rice Or Roti with Mutton kasha, Salad.

Day 3

Early Morning:-  Bed Tea/ Coffee, Biscuits

Breakfast:-  Parota Kashmiri Alurdam/ Puri, Kashmiri Alurdam, Sweet, Tea/ Coffee.

Lunch:-  Basmati Rice, Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Doi Katla, Salad, Chatni, Papad

Veg  Menu Also Available


  • If you require a specific medication for a cough, cold, stomach upset, etc.
    travelling with a valid photo id evidence
    Foreigners must always have their actual passports on them.
    Binoculars and a camera to see the faraway animals and landscape
    Easy-to-carry luggage that is lightweight
    Shoes that are cosy
    When visiting the Sundarbans, bring sunglasses, a hat, and suntan lotion.
    Preferably Carry cash because there is little chance of accessing an ATM. The only ATM in Gosaba is an SBI one.


  • Free for kids aged 1 to 5
    The age range of 5 to 10 years, “Age Not More Than 120+ Months,” is subject to a 50% fee.
    Above 10 years, full fee, “Age More Than 120+ Months”


  • The visit to the several watchtowers relies on the weather and tidal conditions, thus the schedule is subject to change. All of the places and watchtowers included in the schedule, however, will undoubtedly be visited.
    Unannounced changes to the food menu are possible.
    We have the right to substitute another vehicle or boat without prior notice if technical or other problems arise. Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights.

One of the best packages (Sundarban Tour 3 Days 2 Nights)


  • Before the cruise, the boat crew, mentor, and manager all underwent a thermal screening test.
    All visitors will get Mask Hand Sanitizer from us.
    Daily sanitation of hotels and boats.
  • Our Cancellations Policies:

    • We must be notified through phone or email if any tour or travel services must be cancelled for any foreseeable or unforeseen cause.
    • The following cancellation fees would be imposed as of the day we receive your email or phone cancellation:
      10 days or less before the date of travel: 100% of the package price is charged as a cancellation fee
    • 10–20 days before the scheduled departure date: You’ll get a return of 75% of your upfront.
    • A month to a month before the scheduled departure date: – Your advance money will be repaid in whole, 50%.
    • More than 45 days: Complete refund of your advance deposit,
    • If you have already paid the advance, you may even change your travel dates if it becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances.

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