TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN: Our comprehensive Rajasthan travel guide! From regal and colourful metropolis to isolated deserts, bucolic village life, and tiger-infested forests, there is something for everyone. Make yourself at home for a nice read of our Rajasthan travel blog — all you need to plan your ideal vacation to Rajasthan is right here. Get more Information from the TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN.

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Welcome to the “Kings’ Land.” Rajasthan is a genuine contrasts state, and Rajasthan tourism reflects this!

From desert scrub to sacred lakes, the sheer immensity of the area might be difficult to understand for first-time (or even recurrent) visitors. I had three weeks to tour the desert state, which I took advantage of. Even yet, it wasn’t enough to see all of the key attractions. I did, however, stop longer in spots where passing through would be simpler in a less amount of time. On a handful of times, I strayed far from the beaten road, which added to my trip time. Get more Information from the TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN.


In my investigation into a state of contrasts, I was pleased to see that the reasonably well-developed tourism infrastructure is being matched by the steady emergence of environmentally friendly solutions. More than that, there were alternatives that attempted to link tourists to Rajasthani culture on a more than surface level. Thereby creating more opportunities for responsible travel in Rajasthan.

The greatest places to visit in Rajasthan, the best places to stay, sights and activities, as well as thoughtful and ethical tourism in Rajasthan are all covered in this travel guide. Our book also includes information on how to experience a less touristic side of Rajasthan if you so want, as well as ethical and responsible travel suggestions in Rajasthan. Get more Information from the TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN.

When is the Best Time to Visit Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is greatest (and most popular) in the winter, from October through March, with December, January, and (sometimes) February being the busiest months. The weather in Rajasthan is excellent at this time of year — you’ll be comfortable during the day, but it becomes cold at night! Get more Information from the TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN.

The monsoon season (mid-June to September) is another option for visiting Rajasthan. Rajasthan receives significantly less rain than other Indian states – after all, it is mostly a desert – thus the crowds are smaller and the prices are lower at this season. Because the weather is cloudy and damp (and can be humid/hot), winter is the best season to visit if you want to see beautiful blue skies.

Keep a safe distance during the months of April and May, when temperatures can surge to above 50 degrees Celsius…


Our Top Picks for Where to Stay in Rajasthan

Our more thorough recommendations are included below for each location, but these are some of the highlights of any Rajasthan vacation!

Khem Villas, Ranthambhore (High End) – This lovely, environmentally conscious tented camp, with convenient access to the Ranthambore national park and tiger reserve, is well worth the money. The hotel is surrounded by grasslands, so you may enjoy life in the wild here with gorgeous luxury tents and accommodations, but with lots of luxury, comfort, and amazing service.

Jagat Niwas Palace, Udaipur (Mid Range) – You may have your breakfast cuddled amid cushions while taking in the early views over Lake Pichola, which is perfectly positioned along the lake. This palace is housed in a renovated haveli with loads of charm and pleasant personnel, and is more cheaply priced than many of the other lake-side hotels. Get more Information from the TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN.

Castleview Homestay, Jodhpur (Budget) – At one of our favourite spots to stay in Rajasthan, get a kingly perspective of the blue city and the Mehrangarh Fort towering above! In this restored haveli and historical home, Castleview Homestay is maintained by two lovely and pleasant brothers and includes rooms with balconies and windows facing the fort (if you get in soon).

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Planning a Trip to Rajasthan

The first step in organising your trip to Rajasthan is to determine how much time you have available. Rajasthan is India’s largest state, despite being “just” one. There is no “perfect” amount of time to spend in Rajasthan; you could see all of the major sights in a week, but you could easily stay for a month. Most people have two weeks to tour across Rajasthan, which is a fantastic place to start.

There are a few options for how to plan your trip to Rajasthan.

The first option is to travel alone and make all of your own arrangements. You may travel freely regardless of your financial situation – this isn’t just for backpackers! Independent travel in Rajasthan provides the most freedom and the most opportunity to independently absorb Rajasthani culture, local cuisine, and meet fellow travelers, but it also requires more time up front to make your own travel arrangements, which might take some time. If you pick this option, we recommend that you have a general concept of where you want to travel beforehand so you can plan your visits accordingly (see our getting around section below). We go in this manner. Get more Information from the TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN.

If you’re a lone female traveller looking to explore Rajasthan on your own, we’ve put together some ideas for you.

A second alternative is to seek assistance in arranging your schedule and/or to hire a private car and driver for transportation. This has the benefit of relieving you of the burden of planning while yet allowing you to choose how long you spend at each destination, where you stay, and how you spend your time in Rajasthan. Get more Information from the TRAVEL GUIDE TO RAJASTHAN.

The third alternative is to join a group trip, which is ideal if you’d want to travel with others, have a reputable organization handle the schedule and organizing, and be accompanied by a local guide. We recommend firms like Intrepid Travel, G Adventures, and Exodus and offer a detailed comparison guide to some of our favorite India group excursions here. Here is a comprehensive list of Rajasthan tours. Alternatively, you may use Tour Radar to compare hundreds of India trips.

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