Ideal Rajasthan Itinerary

Ideal Rajasthan Itinerary: Countless superlatives combined will fall short of describing Rajasthan’s splendour. Rajasthan, in India’s northwest, is a geographically varied area that may intrigue you at any time. Color abounds in the Land of the Kings, with battle-scarred forts and magnificent sites steeped in spirituality and history.

Every traveller’s bucket list includes a visit to this incredible location. However, it must be meticulously prepared and imaginatively executed.

This is a location that genuinely captures India’s multifaceted spirit and its celebration of life. Take a stroll through the old passageways and indulge your senses with the city’s famed art forms and delectable cuisine. Let’s know more about Ideal Rajasthan Itinerary.

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The traditional lifestyle, celebration, and hospitable people, who constantly have a bright, broad smile on their faces, are the most tempting aspects of Rajasthan.

Every traveller’s bucket list includes a visit to this incredible location. However, it must be meticulously prepared and imaginatively executed.

Let’s know more about Ideal Rajasthan Itinerary.

During the summertime, Rajasthan’s temperature may be extremely hot and humid. The months of October and March are the finest months to visit Rajasthan since the weather is usually mild and pleasant. The cool nights provide an opportunity to sit by bonfires, consume local cuisine, and appreciate traditional arts and crafts.


Rajasthan’s festivals, which genuinely define the state, are a must-see for anybody visiting the state. The Gangaur Festival, Desert Festival, Teej Fair, Kite Festival, Summer Festival, Elephant Festival, Braj Festival, Kailadevi Fair, and Jodhpur Folk Festival are just a few of the intriguing fairs and festivals that take place here.

Rajasthan is a fantastic spot for a brief vacation for every traveller. A week-long tour is great for anybody visiting Rajasthan for the first time.

Discover the actual essence of India, which is dynamic, spiritual, outgoing, and endlessly intriguing, including the state capital of Jaipur, the magnificent Ajmer, the holy city of Pushkar, the blue city of Jodhpur, and the desert city of Bikaner. Avoid the tourist throngs by moving at a leisurely pace and avoiding the fort-and-temple overload.

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Days 1 and 2 – Jaipur

Ideal Rajasthan Itinerary

The imperial city of Jaipur will amaze you at every turn, from its stunning architecture to its wonderful handicrafts. This princely kingdom, rich in history, art, and culture, is home to some of the world’s most magnificent structures, including the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, and Museum.

At Amber Fort’s gates, you may also take an elephant ride. You will be able to see the opulence of Indian monarchy, as well as temples and havelis sprinkled across these three towns, all of which bear evidence to the imperial splendour.

 The Amer Jeep Safari is one of the most thrilling activities in the area, taking you to both distant and rural towns as well as large lengths of sand. During the winter, there are several fairs and festivals to attend and enjoy at this location.


Days 3 and 4 – Ajmer-Pushkar

Ideal Rajasthan Itinerary

Ajmer’s vacation guide offers holy sites and royal grandeur. For Hindus and Muslims alike, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s tomb is a significant place of prayer. Pushkar, a historic city famed for its religious importance and unique temples of Lord Brahma, is an 11-kilometer journey from Ajmer (Hindu god).

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The semicircular Pushkar Lake is said to be particularly sacred, as it is surrounded by almost 500 temples. Pushkar is one of the greatest sites in Rajasthan to buy beautiful Rajasthani costume jewellery and embroidered clothing. During the annual Pushkar fair, held in October and November, see the camel race and contests, which begin with singing, music, and displays. The Aravalli hills encircle Ajmer; Pachkund and Pushkar have always had sufficient groundwater and wildlife, making them a pleasure for birdwatchers.

RERC Sets Benchmark Tariff for Solar PV Projects in Rajasthan

Days 5 and 6 – Jodhpur

Ideal Rajasthan Itinerary

Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s second biggest city after Jaipur, is known as the ‘Blue City’ because of the blue-painted homes that surround the imposing Mehrangarh Fort. Jodhpur has beautiful scenery all surrounding it, from blue homes and towering forts to reflected lakes. The spectacular historical buildings, temples, and palaces of Jodhpur are also well-known. Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan, Museum, and Zoo are some of the notable attractions in the Jodhpur area. Bishnoi village provides a genuine Rajasthani rural experience. Participate in activities like as pot making, weaving, block painting, and visiting the Bishnoi family.

There’s a lot more to Jodhpur than meets the eye; take a cycling tour through the city’s streets for an entertaining and environmentally friendly experience. Ride through the alleyways and along the fort wall to learn about the many villages and their histories. Apart from that, the puppet performance in Jodhpur is also noteworthy.

The puppet performance, which is performed by local agricultural communities and features wooden dummy dolls and colourful costumes, is a fantastic way to spend an evening in Jodhpur. Savouring the Rajasthani food, which is extensively provided in the city, is another aspect and a must-do that contributes to the completion of the Jodhpur travel guide.

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Day 7 – Bikaner

Bikaner is your penultimate destination before returning to Jaipur for your trip home. Although not as popular as the others, the region is home to some of the best examples of Rajput civilisation. Junagarh Fort, Gajner Palace, camel breeding facility, and many more are now major tourist destinations.

Deshnok’s Karni Mata Temple, often known as the Rat Temple, is a must-see.

Over 20,000 rats are thought to live in the shrine. Believers revere these rats and give them prasad because they are said to be Karni Mata’s sons (Goddess Durga).

At the Thar Desert, you may explore the wildness in the centre of the desert and marvel at the hypnotic beauty of the sand. Explore the colourful towns, or go on a camel safari or desert camping trip.

Witness a breathtaking sunset over the sand dunes. Spend the evening with an ethnic supper surrounded by traditional music and dance performances and a campfire.

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