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Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide

Himachal Pradesh Travel Guide : Himachal Pradesh is the country’s most popular and readily accessible hill state, with lush valleys, snow-capped peaks, and deep gorges carved out by rivers pouring down the great Himalayas. Tourists go to areas like Shimla and Manali, which are among the greatest places to visit in Himachal, for a weekend vacation because of the wealth of adventure activities, picturesque landscapes, and friendly residents. But Himachal has a lot more to offer, including lesser-known but as lovely spots like Bir, Chail, and Reckong Peo.

Himachal Pradesh will not disappoint you, whether you’re planning a weekend escape or a longer vacation.

Don’t leave Himachal Pradesh until you’ve done the following:


  1. The Mall Road, Shimla:The Mall Road offers much to keep you entertained, from the town’s most famous eateries to well-known designer businesses. Begin your stroll on the Mall Road’s eastern side and proceed west to Scandal Point, passing through the Gaiety Theatre and Town Hall along the route. Don’t miss the Viceregal Lodge, also known as the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, which is located further west.
  2. Manki Point, Kasauli: Kasauli, nestled amid the foothills of the Sub-Himalayan range, is a nature lover’s dream come true. Manki Point, Kasauli’s highest point, gives panoramic views of the glistening Sutlej as it pours into the plains, all set against the majestic Dhauladhar mountain.
  3. Chail Palace and Cricket Ground, Chail: Chail, the former summer retreat of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala, is now one of Himachal’s most famous tourist destinations. Visit the Chail Palace to gain a look into the royal lifestyle, see the stately halls, and stroll around the well-kept grounds. Visit the Chail Cricket Pitch, which is located about 4 kilometres from the Palace and is the world’s highest cricket ground at 2,144 metres.
  4. Khajjiar Lake, Khajjiar: Khajjiar, often known as Himachal Pradesh’s Switzerland, has a rare blend of lake, woodland, and grazing. Near the lake, don’t miss the famous Khajji Nag temple. It was dedicated to the worship of Khajji Nag, the king of serpents, from whom the town got its name, and was built in the 12th century.
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  1. Try Adventure Sports in Manali: Manali is arguably one of the greatest spots in India for adrenaline addicts, with activities ranging from trekking and camping for the novice to paragliding and heli-skiing for the more daring. Manali is the perfect destination to get an adrenaline rush in the middle of natural beauty, whether it’s an exciting river rafting excursion during the monsoon or visiting the snow-capped peaks during the winter.
  2. Ride the Toy Train from Kalka to Shimla: By far the finest method to go to the ‘Queen of the Hills’ is to take the old UNESCO World Heritage Kalka-Shimla toy train. The scenic route, which passes through 102 tunnels and several old-world railway stations, is the greatest way to appreciate the region’s natural splendour.
  3. Watch a Sunset in Dalhousie: Many people believe that no two sunsets are same. The same can be said about the several locations in Himachal from which to view a stunning sunset. Dalhousie, a peaceful hill town, is one of them. Watch the sun set over the spectacular Pir Pinjal range, which shines like a diamond against the twilight landscape, from any of the countless vantage points.


  1. Dham: Dham is one of the most popular traditional dishes. Dham is a whole meal that is often made for festivals and other important events by skilled cooks called as ‘botis,’ who normally begin the preparation in the early hours of the morning for a feast in the afternoon.
  2. Sidu: Sidu is a sort of wheat flour-based traditional bread. Sidu, which is best served with plenty of butter and mutton, can be found in eateries all across Himachal Pradesh.
  3. Madra: Another popular cuisine from Himachal Pradesh’s Chamba area is madra, which is usually served during festivals and other special events. Madra is best served on flat bread and is made with soaked chickpeas or kidney beans and a variety of spices.
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When to Go:

April – June: Summer temperatures range from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, providing relief from the summer heat on the plains, making this the busiest tourist season.

July – September: Although the monsoon season in Himachal is frequently extended, it continues to draw tourists who wish to view the mountains wrapped in lush vegetation. This is also the greatest season to visit Himachal if you want to participate in adventurous activities like river rafting.

October – February: The winter season begins in late October and lasts until late February. Snowfall is most common in January and February in places like Shimla and Manali, making it perfect for honeymooners and those interested in adventurous sports like skiing and heli-skiing.


Getting There:

By Air: Despite having three domestic airports, Himachal Pradesh is remains poorly connected to the rest of India by air. By plane, the best method to get to Himachal is to fly to Chandigarh and then drive or take local buses from there.

By Train: The state of Himachal Pradesh contains two narrow-gauge railway lines, one connecting Kalka and Shimla and the other between Pathankot and Kangra.

By Bus: By road, Himachal Pradesh is well connected to other states. Buses run frequently between Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana to destinations like as Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala.

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Getting Around:

Buses:Local buses are by far the most cost-effective and comfortable mode of transportation in Himachal Pradesh.

Taxis: In Himachal, there are various taxi unions from which you may book a prepaid or post-paid taxi to see everything the state has to offer.

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What to Pack:

  • Pack light cotton clothing and sunscreen if you’re travelling in the summer. Consider bringing sunglasses and a pair of comfortable walking shoes.
  • Carry waterproof coats, an umbrella, light woollens, and hiking shoes/boots if you’re travelling during the monsoon.
  • Pack thick woollen clothes, woollen hats, gloves, and jackets if you’re coming in the winter.

Himachal Pradesh, sometimes known as the ‘Land of the Gods,’ is a location unlike any other. Explore Himachal Pradesh for a retreat that will reconnect you with nature.

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