Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers

Andaman Trip Itinerary

Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers: If you’re visiting the Andaman Islands for the first time, there’s a wealth of information on the internet on where to go and what to see. The picture-perfect crystal blue seas and white sand beaches have already been seen. You’d fly there right now if you could. So, what’s the best approach for first-timers to create an Andaman itinerary? Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.


Here are a few simple steps

1. How would you like to plan your trip?

a) Guided group tour: Some individuals prefer the convenience of a guided group tour. You have someone to look after every detail of the trip, a pleasant group of people to travel with, and a planned enjoyable experience. You may accomplish this by contacting a travel firm in your city.

b) A standard package tour: This might be a tour tailored specifically for your family, friends, and coworkers. You may do this by contacting a local tour company. Everyone should approach them first because they have the most local information and are well-versed in every trip detail.

c) Self-planned vacation: With so much information now available online, it’s simple to design your own trip. Using aggregator websites, you may acquire quotations from several travel operators and pick the best package for the greatest price. Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.

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If you choose, your complete schedule will most likely already be prepared for you. If you choose with option b or c, you’ll have a lot of flexibility. Here’s what you should do next.

2. Book your flight tickets

Flight tickets are a significant portion of the expense of an Andaman trip. You may save a lot of money by booking one as soon as possible, especially if there is a sale or discount. Here’s all you need to know about flights to Andaman.

3. Plan you number of days of stay

If you’re a first-time visitor, we recommend staying on the island for at least 5 days. Give yourself another two days for travel, and you’ve got yourself a week of vacation. This is suitable for both a standard and a honeymoon package.

4. Plan you budget

You may discover affordable Andaman packages for as little as Rs. 5000 per person on Google, and others for more than a lakh and a half. It varies on the degree of service, the length of stay, and the activities available. We normally advise against using “cheap” as a deciding factor since you may wind up with a less-than-satisfactory experience.

4. Now comes the best part – your actual Andaman itinerary

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The Andaman Islands include several beaches, both popular ones that are included in most itineraries and quiet ones that are hidden away from view. Everyone wishes for the best of both worlds. Similarly, you want to explore the main sights while also taking some time to rest and enjoy yourself. You want to do scuba diving or snorkelling, but you also want to see the natural beauty of the limestone caverns and learn about history at the cellular jail. Of course, no vacation is complete without a trip to the souvenir shop. Here’s how to make your Andaman itinerary complete.

1. A day at Port Blair

The Cellular Jail and its sound and light show are the city’s principal attractions. You may schedule your visit so that you can see the jail during the day, go shopping and walk around Corbyn’s Cove (which is a typical beach), and then see the sound and light display in the evening. Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.

2. Spend a day around Neil Island

Sitapur, Bharatpur, and Laxmanpur are three of Neil’s most beautiful beaches. It is home to the iconic Howrah Bridge and may provide a relaxing day as well as a spectacular sunset. Stay on Neil Island and have a fantastic Andaman experience. Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.

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3. A day at Havelock

Beach No. 7, also known as Radhanagar Beach, is located near Havelock and has been rated the best beach in Asia and the eighth best in the world. Because of its popularity, it may be a little crowded, but it is still a must-see. Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.

On days 2 or 3, you may go snorkelling or take a glass-bottom boat excursion.

4. Scuba diving day

Kayaking in Andaman

A Try Dive is perfect for anyone looking for a little excitement (even if they can’t swim). It will be all you dreamt of, completed in half a day with a short theory followed by an actual dive with an instructor. For the night, return to Port Blair. Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.

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5. Limestone caves / Mud volcano day trip

To capture two incredible natural phenomena, you must leave your accommodation at 3 a.m., travel through the dark Andaman woods, and paddle through the mangroves. You’ll return to Port Blair by 5 p.m. the same day to stay the night. Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.

While this is a terrific typical itinerary that includes a little bit of everything, you may extend your stay to either relax on some of the other beaches or go scuba diving for another day.

Additional notes

Add-ons to honeymoon packages include candlelight dinners, bed decorations on one occasion, and one extra session of snorkelling on the house. Lets know more about Andaman Trip Itinerary for first timers.

For most services, large groups of 15-20+ may negotiate better pricing.

Here are some other package alternatives for your first vacation to the Andaman Islands. It’s time to get serious about planning!

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